Photography: Nick Gordon | Toy sculptures and Art Direction: Mandy Nash


Marbles, dinosaurs and dolls for days.
My friend Danica van der Veen joined me on a mission to find the most suitable toys for this project at China Town. We weren’t to sure what we were looking for, but what we did know was cheap and bulk were keywords!
I spent an afternoon prepping the toys (which included de-wigging the dolls) before things heated up with the glue gun.


Glueing the prepped toys was not as simple as placing them into formation.
I made use of false nails which acted as “connectors” and held the marble platforms together. It was all very intricate child’s play.
The next mission was transporting the sculptures to photographer Nick’s flat and hoping they stayed in one piece.
Nick and I had discussed spray painting them white- but I was very indecisive as to whether we should or shouldn’t. I looked over my shoulder and he did it, he spray painted it all white!
My face showed some shock which was a contagious look, Nick also suddenly wore the look on his face! Once he spray painted it, I committed, I liked the white and created unison in the series.

We made a little studio in Nick’s flat and he played around with the lighting.
At the time he was juggling a million projects at once and in between shots was sending off Yoko product shots. I am amazed at how many things Nick manages to do at once.
It’s projects like this that make me remember why I wake up in the morning.
Thank you Nick and Dean for getting in contact and being so open to anything!




A link to Dean’s song on Bandcamp
Find yourself/ Falling